Skills to replace Auto fuse and precautions

There are many electrical devices connected by different colored wires in the car circuit, and the most important one is the fuse.

1. If no spare fuse, use other alternative fuse.

For example, the fuse for window is broken, but no spare fuse, then you can use such alternative fuse as the one for sound, air conditioning, the premise is that their rated current is the same or higher than the original fuse.

2. Install high-power lights.

The power is too large after modifying the light, which is very easy to blow fuse, you should replace with a high current fuse and power line in time, in order to prevent from overheating caused by excessive current.

3. Install high-power stereos.

High-power stereos can also blow fuses. When installing high-power electrical appliances, you must pay attention to its current size and replace the corresponding fuse in time. Generally, preferable modification shop will pay attention to this kind of problem.

4. Washengine compartment with water.

When cleaning the engine bay, because the fuse box is not sealed very appropriately, remember not to wash the fuse box directly with water, otherwise it is very easy to cause the fuse short circuit, resulting in the failure of all vehicle electrical components. Most fuse boxes have a clear “no washing” icon on them. If the fuse box is dirty, wipe it gently with a damp towel.

5. High-power electrical appliances for cigarette lighter.

Thefuse for cigarette lighter is easy to blow. Normally cigarette lighters use fuses of 15 ~ 25A. As the vehicle voltage is 12V, so it should be not more than 300W for the electrical appliance connected to the cigarette lighter, and even not more than 200W for some light-duty vehicles. As for vehicle-mounted refrigerators, vehicle-mounted air pumps and other high-power electrical appliances, it is better not to use cigarette lighters for power supply.

Note: the fuse is used for circuit protection, non-professional personnel had better not refit the circuit privately, so as not to cause safety accidents. For example, the original car was equipped with a 5A fuse with a 0.5 wire diameter, but it was secretly replaced with a 20A fuse. In such case, when the line is overloaded, the 20A fuse cannot protect the 0.5 wire, which will cause the line to burn and cause spontaneous combustion for the vehicle, that is very dangerous.

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