Why there is the condensation in the light bar and how to handle it

When you got some great headlights or light bars but to find some moisture inside after running them for some time, that would be annoying.

Sure, you can contact us directly to figure out what’s the problem and solve it, but before everything, we recommend you to read this article in order to have a basic knowledge about the condensation and try out some effective methods.

led light bar

Why does condensation or moisture appear in our light bar or headlight?

When you find condensation or moisture behind the lens, normally, there will be two possibilities , which is easy to tell.

If it is a little of mist or small droplets inside the lens (no streaks, or large droplets) as below pic, that is condensation which occurs naturally.

In short, condensation is the water in the gaseous form inside the lens becoming small water droplets. That is a common problem and doesn't mean the product is defective.

Our headlights or light bars will seal some air inside when manufacturing, while a small amount of water in gaseous form will also be mixed in.

The LEDs produce heat, when the temperature outside the lens is much lower than that of the inside, the moisture inside would become into small water droplets, resulting in condensation.

However, if you find streaks or large droplets inside the lens as below pic, that is water ingress and the whole light requires repairing.

led light bar

How to cope with the condensation?

Condensation is closely related to environmental conditions including temperature, weather, and humidity. Firstly you could turn on the headlights or light bars for a few hours to let the heat generated by LEDs evaporate the moisture.

If it is cold or there is a temperature drop, the heat is not enough, you can put the light bar or headlight under the direct sunlight or in any dry and warm places to evaporate the moisture more quickly.

Also, some of our lights feature in a built-in Military Pressure Equalization Vent which allows air in and out to evaporate condensation but does not allow liquid water to leak into the light. So you can open it to speed up the evaporation.

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