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Nilight® 240 LED Green Emergency Hazard Warning LED Mini bar Strobe Light w/ Magnetic Base





Product type: Automotive

Vendor: Nilight Led Light




  • Various Models: 7 different flasing strobe patterns make your vehicle super cool and extramely attractive.
  • Installation: Plug this into your 12V cigarrette lighter and with the magnetized bottom place on any exterior metal
  • Various choices: Besides green, 6 different color for your favour.Professional grade products with durable materials.
  • With a just one button to switch between 7 modes, great for undercover or to use when needed

7 different optional strobe patterns with a push of a button.
Mode changer with a press of a button
Up to 30,000 hrs life expectancy
Unit has a total of 240 LEDs
Product includes: 1 x Strobe unit

Wiring: Coiled 2ft - stretches over 6 ft

US Standard: Unit: 11.8" ( wide ) x 2.0" ( height ) x 6.1" ( depth )
Metrics: 300mm ( wide ) x 50mm ( height ) x 155mm ( depth )
Mode 1: Alternates between left and right side
Mode 2: Alternates between front and back side
Mode 3: Flashes counter clockwise
Mode 4: Flashes clockwise
Mode 5: Strobes all lights a few times then alternates between left and right
Mode 6: Flashes all LEDs at once
Mode 7: Turns on all the LEDs

This LED Mini Lightbar is great for emergency workers, postal service, construction vehicle, security etc.
High Quality, Professional Grade products. Designed for DIY installation.
Latest ultra bright LED chipset technology.

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