Nilight 4" Inlet/Outlet Catalytic Converter,4 inches Universal Cat (EPA Standard)

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About this item

  • EPA COMPLIANT – Designed for use on OBDII vehicles. Not legal for sale or use in California and Colorado. Legal in New York and Maine on EPA Federal Emission Equipped Vehicles only. Consult your state’s aftermarket converter regulations for details.
  • FLEXIBLE SOLUTION – Customizable design features expandable bushings for easy fitment and may require specialized fabrication or and/or welding for installation.
  • STRONG & DURABLE – Stainless steel body & aluminized body & pipe, features thick OE-style flanges, hangers & brackets for strength and durability.
  • KEEPS CHECK ENGINE LIGHT OFF – OE-style high-technology washcoat and optimal precious metal load delivers required reduction in tailpipe emissions to match vehicle application.
  • BUY WITH CONFIDENCE -- Backed by Nilight’s 25,000-mile/40,000-kilometer emissions & 5-year 50,000-mile/80,000-kilometer structural integrity warranty.

Universal Direct Fit Three-way Catalytic Converter

How Do Three-way Catalytic Converters Work?

A three-way catalytic converter has three simultaneous tasks:

  1. Reduction of nitrogen oxides to nitrogen and oxygen: 2NOx → xO2 + N2
  2. Oxidation of carbon monoxide to carbon dioxide: 2CO + O2 → 2CO2
  3. Oxidation of unburnt hydrocarbons (HC) to carbon dioxide and water: CxH2x+2 + [(3x+1)/2]O2 → xCO2 + (x+1)H2O.

Nilight's Direct Fit Converters are engineered to meet your vehicle’s specific emissions requirements and most Come With the Replacement Gaskets at NO Additional Cost!

  • It is best to confirm the size of your vehicle's catalytic converter before purchasing



      All 4'' Inlet/Outlet Vehicles ,for example

      1994-2007 Dodge Ram 2500/3500

      1999-2007 Ford F-250/F-350 Super Duty and so on....

      • Not legal for sale or use in California and Colorado
      • Consult your state’s aftermarket converter regulations for details


        Catalytic Converters are designed to last the life of your vehicle. It is important to fix the source of the problem before replacing your OEM converter.There are three major reasons a converter fails.



        Often caused by unburned fuel entering the converter from a faulty:

        • Spark Plug
        • Exhaust Valve
        • Oxygen Sensor
        • Fuel Injector



        Often caused by exposure to emissions substances from:

        • Leaky Cylinder Head Gasket
        • Silicone-Based Sealant
        • Improper Fuel (E85, Diesel)
        • Worn Piston Ring / Valve Seal



        Often caused by road debris, corrosion or other conditions such as:

        • Air Gap Pipe Failure
        • Flex Pipe Failure
        • Stripped O2 Sensor Threads
        • Broken Hangers

        Material Selection and Manufacturing Process


        Sturdy and Durable

        All T409 stainless steel raw materials are rigorously tested to work at high temperatures as well as to effectively prevent rusting.


        High Flow Cat

        Fully filling the honeycomb and covering more metal Pt/Pd/Rh per unit area can effectively improve the conversion rate.



        Fully automated manufacturing, machine cutting, machine bending, machine welding etc. effectively reducing human error, ensuring compatibility and quality at the same time.


        Breathe Freely and Healthily

        Engineered to meet your vehicle’s specific emissions requirements, never worry about P0420 or P0430 code and keep check engine light off.


        All Orders gets free standard delivery.

        • Standard delivered 7-10 Business Days
        • Express delivered 3-7 Business Days

        Orders are processed and delivered Monday-Friday (excluding public holidays)

        all customers enjoy free returns.

        Nilight 4" Inlet/Outlet Catalytic Converter,4 inches Universal Cat (EPA Standard)

        Regular price $71.99

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