LED Light Bars

There is no doubt that our light bars set the gold standard for LED lighting. From slim to triple-row, Nilight light bar series are the pinnacle of LED performance, uncompromising performance combined with an era defining design. Amber and white light bars, curved LED light bars, slim light bars and high performance triple-row light bars come in a variety of sizes, beam patterns and diffusion combinations, meaning that whatever your needs, we have the perfect solution for you!

LED Driving Lights

Nilight™ aims to provide high quality & high performance driving lights at an affordable price. Comparing the manufacturing quality, performance and inclusions list to other products on the market, you will conclude that our LED driving lights, simply speaking, are unparalleled. From Pro-Nixmen & Nocthunt to our redefined Nilight, we’re at the forefront of market-leading and high-performance LED driving lights.

4x4 Off-Road LED Lights

Nowadays, Nilight stands for cutting-edge design and market-leading performance in automotive driving lights. It is our unwavering commitment to unparalleled performance, timeless design and outstanding quality that has made us one of the most widely distributed and trusted LED brands in the world. Other companies call it "trifle"; For us, it is practically everything. We focus on the most trivial details and design elements in order to achieve the most amazing high-performance LED running lights, light bars and auxiliary LED lights on the market. When you enter the world of Nilight, you are buying a product designed mechanically and optically with our expertise and tools, backed up with our reputation and warranty. Our lights will not fade, turn yellow or fall off when they show signs of rippling. Our luminosity data is laboratory tested and not Photoshopped - we insist on that.

Trusted Autos Parts

Nilight has always been committed to providing customers with a more comprehensive driving experience. Therefore, we introduce more product lines to serve our customers, such as headlight bulbs, headlight assembly, taillight assembly, fog light assembly, trailer signal lights, brake lights, whip lights, etc., as well as related protective accessories, such as bumpers, running boards, radiators, catalytic converters and other high-performance accessories. In the future, Nilight will become a one-stop comprehensive brand for auto parts , where you will find everything you want about cars.