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What is the difference between the Hybrid Spot and Flood beam patterns?

The flood configuration can be visually identified by it's higher trough, compared to the spot. Our flood optic illumates at a wider beam angle, but does not go as far. The spot configuration can be visually identified by it's lower trough, compared to the flood. Our spot optic illumates at a greater distance, but does not reach as wide of an area. Both of these lights are great for their individual purposes, and if desired, they can work together for a perfect combination of distance and spread.

Can I run my Nilight light with a 14 volt A/C signal?

No. The Nilight lights were designed for DC voltage. Lights operated at 14 volt A/C may not be damaged, but could flicker or appear dim.

Can I run my Nilight light in an A/C wall outlet?

No! Nilight lights are designed for DC voltage. Connection to an A/C wall outlet will very likely permanently damage the light.

I connected my light to my car and it doesn’t work. Now what?

Several items could be preventing the lights from properly working. The below items can help in troubleshooting.
Try connecting the wires of the lights directly to a fully charged car battery. If the light works then there is a problem between the battery connection and the light. Potential problems include a faulty switch, faulty relay, insufficient thickness wire, and improper grounding.

When I connect my light directly to my battery, it is at full brightness, but when I use a long cable to install it, the light is dim. What is wrong?

You need to make sure you are using an appropriately sized gauge wire for your installation. This is especially important if using a long wire from the battery to the light installation. If the wire gauge is too small, there will be a significant voltage drop across the wire, preventing the light from powering up fully.