24 LEDs Red Ultra-Bright Light Kit (8 Pcs) Nilight
24 LEDs Red Ultra-Bright Light Kit (8 Pcs) Nilight
24 LEDs Red Ultra-Bright Light Kit (8 Pcs) Nilight
24 LEDs Red Ultra-Bright Light Kit (8 Pcs) Nilight
24 LEDs Red Ultra-Bright Light Kit (8 Pcs) Nilight
24 LEDs Red Ultra-Bright Light Kit (8 Pcs) Nilight
24 LEDs Red Ultra-Bright Light Kit (8 Pcs) Nilight

24 LEDs Red Ultra-Bright Light Kit (8 Pcs)

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About this item

  • High Brightness: Total of 8 Lighting Pods housing a total of 24 Ultra-Bright SMD 2835 LEDs. It is bright enough to allow you to work after dark without having to hold a flashlight or plug in a portable work light
  • Practical Design: Each pod is equipped with a plug, plug between each unit allows flexibility for custom install. You can adjust the pod length you need freely
  • Durable & Weatherproof: IP67 Waterproof Rate, design to withstand harsh weather conditions. (Rain, Snow, etc.)
  • Easy to Install: The reliable tape can be quickly installed and can be fixed with screws to be more secure; In addition, each strand with a switch, so you can freely control your LED lighting pods, has 21 feet of wire per strand (4 pods per strand), 2 feet of wire between each pod
  • Application: It can be used in a variety of interior and exterior applications including Under Car, Underglow Footwells, Pickup Truck Beds, Rock Lights, Running boards, tonneau cover, etc. Compatible with most pickup such as ford, dodge ram, Chevrolet, toyota, trucks, RVs, SUVs, UTV, ATV, motorcycle, jeeps, boats, etc.

truck bed light kit, truck bed light

  • Voltage: 12V
  • LED Chip: 2835 SMD
  • Chips: 3 LEDs per pod
  • Power / per LED: 0.5W
  • Rated power: 1.5W
  • Waterproof Rating: IP67


truck bed light kit

Waterproof Rate: IP67, design to withstand harsh weather conditions. (Rain, Snow, etc.)

truck bed light kit

Total of 8 Lighting Pods housing a total of 24 Ultra-Bright SMD 2835 LEDs. It’s bright enough to illuminate any space on your Pickup or Truck. Bright light makes you see the left and right clearly, ensuring working safety at night.

truck bed light kit

Each strand equips a switch, allowing you to control your LED lighting pods freely. And it also equips some screws, you can use the screws to fix the pods anywhere you need.

Wide Application

truck bed light kit

The lighting kit can be widely applied to Jeeps, 4x4, ATVs, UTVs, SUVs, etc. Each strand equips a switch, allowing you to control your LED lighting pods freely. And it also equips some screws, the screws can fix pods firmly on your vehicles.

truck bed light kit

It can also be used for other lighting uses. Each rectangle lighting pod is small in size but provides plenty of light and is only 0.2 of an inch thick, it is convenient for you to install to your front cover to check the engine and other components.

truck bed light kit

This lighting kit can be installed on pickups, Trucks Van, Camper, etc. Our lighting kit is bright enough to illuminate any space on your Pickup or Truck. Bright light ensures your working safety at night.

Easy Installation

truck bed light kit

  • Connect the middle terminal of the switch to the positive battery terminal.
  • Connect the right terminal to the positive side of the light and the negative side of the light to the negative side of the battery.

truck bed light kit

Use the adhesive tapes to mount your light pod

truck bed light kit

The included screws for a more secure mount.

Customer Reviews

Based on 86 reviews
Violette Tendo
Super bright. Easy to install.

Dislike the limited instructions. This could be a problem if you don't know a lot about electrical.Liked super bright and easy install, for myself

Rozella Hintz
Understand you're buying components, not a complete product

I want to be clear that I like these lights. I really do. But this isn't a custom-designed kit where you follow a few directions and everything works great. You'll need to do a little planning with this, and probably more than a little troubleshooting before you're done.The package comes with two sets of four lights. Each strand has ample lead wire, depending on the distance it needs to be run and it's possible to disconnect some of the light units without cutting wire, thanks to inline connectors.. When possible, it may be better to tie your power into a closer electrical systems than a direct line to the battery, but even that's what you need to do, you may well have enough additional wire to get there. I installed these on a 2021 Ford Ranger, which has a termination under the bed from the factory (this is actually intended for use with a Ford accessory that installs a power port in the bed), which I used this as my source of power. Of course, you'll not want these to run continuously, so the kit includes two switches (SPDT), along with a bit of mounting hardware for the lights. Enough people have complained that no wiring instructions are given, so apparently, they started including them. Unfortunately, the diagram in mine was actually backward. The center pole on the switch is power input as indicated, but the "on" pole is on the "off" side of the switch, instead of the "on" side as indicated. Bottom line, get a simple multimeter, put it in continuity mode, and test the switch before you use it.Other than that, I'm pretty pleased. The 3M tape on the lights seems to be holding well, though I found I needed to apply a fair amount of pressure to ensure they held. The light is nicely bright and works great. I made a small wooden block with a hole the right size for the switch and used some double-sided tape to affix it to the corner of my bed. I made plenty of wiring mistakes and had to do a bit of troubleshooting (hint: check your fuses), but after several hours of toying around, this non-electrician managed to get the job done.

Greyson Willms
Bright lights for trunk of car

I installed 2 (of the 8 pieces) in the trunk lid of my Saab 9-3 so I can see the contents in my trunk, as well as help me while loading/unloading stuff in the pitch dark.I plan to install a pair of these in my Camry as well as Altima.

Reina Bogisich
Awesome for camper shells!

 These are totally worth the $15 or whatever it was to get these. Added some Velcro backing to the adhesive, and the lights stuck to the top of my carpet-lined camper shell. Wired everything up to a pressure switch, so the lights come on when I open the shell!My only only comment would be to include some instructions, and allow all the lights to be connected together into one harness. I was able to figure this out without instructions, but can’t say the same for the average Joe; also, having two separate light harnesses is irrelevant if they’re going to be wired together anyways.

unathi Nkomo
No switch, but still great value.

You'll need to pair this with some adhesive wire clips, because there is a lot of wire between pods and on the terminal end. That being said, it has plenty of wire to route however you need. Mine didn't include the switch as advertised, so I had to buy my own. They are plenty bright and look just like they came from the factory.

Norman Pietersen
You need to test switch before powering up lights

These lights are super bright so I give them a 5 star on brightness. You need to test the switch. The instructions are incorrect. Thats why it is getting a 4 star overall. They tell you to feed power on middle prong..that is incorrect for the switch provided and unsafe as it gives power to both other prongs (one at a time depending how switch is flipped). If you feed power to a side prongs it will give power to the middle. That is how I hooked mine up. NO ground to the switch. Only ground the lights somewhere to the body. I used the 12v red wire on my 2014 Silverado trailer light harness with a inline fuse. Don't power it up without a inline fuse. Be safe and spend the 8 dollars on a fuse holder. The only items this kit comes with (I'm sure all kits are the same) is lights with their wire, and switch. You'll need your own wire connectors (16-22gauge),wire stripper and crimper, 2 female plugs, inline fuse, wire strap for wherever you drill in the ground ends, and splice connector to your power source unless you run a wire all the way to your battery.

Vinnie Bergstrom
Great product, great price.

Took the pic in broad daylight. Used 4 of them in the bed and the other 4 under the hood, since my 2018 Silverado doesn’t have under hood lighting🙄. Very bright and the double sided tape works like the 3M brand.

Raul Nyeko
Extremely bright!

These lights are very bright and easy to install. Only draw back I had was the length between LEDs made me reconsider installing configuration since I am using them to illuminate storage compartments in my boat. Overall great product.

Matilda Scott
Easy to install

Got these to replace the dome lights for back seat and to illuminate the rear cargo area

Habiba Aderonke
Good value, with switches included.

Good value, with two sets and switches included.

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