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Nilight 12V Car Add-a-circuit Fuse Adapter with Standard TAP Mini TAP Low Profile TAP Blade Fuse 10 Pack for Cars Trucks Boats,2 Years Warranty




Collections: Accessory

Product type: Accessories

Vendor: Nilight Led Light

Tags: Accessories




Dual-slot Fuse Holder: Provides one fuse holder to protect existing circuit and a second fuse holder to protect new circuit. Blue flexible socket tail, very easy to connect to any naked wires by only use a vise.

Easy to Use: No need to cut or splice wires to install your electronic accessories, convenient and easy to add an extra power or connection to the fuse box.

Superior Quality: All of them are made from high quality materials, good bending performance, melting resistance and excellent electrical conductivity, durable and practical for your DIY application.

Wide Range of Uses: You can use this dual-slot fuse holder when adding LED strips, radar detectors, dash cams, or any other electronic that requires direct wiring into the fuse box without cutting or splicing.

Multiple sizes for your convenience: 3pcs low profile mini fuse adapter with 5 Amp low profile mini blade fuse + 4pcs mini fuse adapter with 15 Amp mini blade fuse + 3pcs standard fuse adapter with 5 Amp standard blade fuse