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Nilight 5-Pack Relay Socket Kit-Relay with 30A Fuse & Switch Harness Set-12V DC 4-Pin SPST Automotive Relays 14 AWG Hot Wires-Auto Switches & Starters Set, 2 Years Warranty




Product type: Accessories

Vendor: Nilight




Upgraded Version - Automotive relays built in fuse socket  included 30A blade fuse with heavy duty
14AWG wires for main contact. no need of a separate fuse holder, saving space and money. Bosch style 4-Pin SPST (Single Pole Single Throw) Relay. 
Mounting Design Feature - The interlocking mounting design of unique male and female slot on each socket edge, connect  relays together and manage cables easily,offering clean and neat installation.
Easy Wiring - The relay sockets come with color-labeled wires for loads/accessories convenient wiring. Black - Ground (85), Red - VDC (30), White - Trigger (86), Blue - Output N/O (87)
Package include:5 relays, 5 relay harnesses, and 5x30A blade fuses.

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