Car Roof Bag 21 Cubic Feet Nilight
Car Roof Bag 21 Cubic Feet Nilight
Car Roof Bag 21 Cubic Feet Nilight
Car Roof Bag 21 Cubic Feet Nilight
Car Roof Bag 21 Cubic Feet Nilight
Car Roof Bag 21 Cubic Feet Nilight
Car Roof Bag 21 Cubic Feet Nilight
Car Roof Bag 21 Cubic Feet Nilight
Car Roof Bag 21 Cubic Feet Nilight

Car Roof Bag 21 Cubic Feet

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About this item

  • Quality Material: Nilight roof bagis made of military-grade-quality materials, 840D PVC fabric,with waterproof double zippers, dual seam technology with water repellent double coating, provides multiple protection Waterproof. It provides perfect weather protection even in extreme conditions such as wind, sun, rain, snow, and sand.
  • Safe Design: Eight reinforced adjustable straps and 4 door hooks. to keep the cargo carrier in place. In addition, equipped with free anti-slip mat to keep the cargo bag stay in place even in high speed road or bump road,and protect your car roof from scratches and damage.
  • Easy to Install: Our roof rack cargo carrier for a car rooftop is suitable for any car, truck, or SUV with Side Rails/Cross Bars/No-rack Roof/Basket, it can be quickly and easily installed in minutes; Made of soft shell material, it can be folded into the storage bag to save space while not in use.
  • Large Storage Space: 21 cubic feet (52in x 40in x 18in) rooftop cargo bag allows you to hold 4-6 suitcases, travel luggage case, tents, sleeping bags and more. Free up inside vehicle space for more comfortable on the way.
  • Warm Tips & Service: please contact us in time if there is any problem, we will deal with the after-sale problems for you immediately. We provide 12 months full warranty.

Car Roof Bag

The roof bag resists tears, abrasion, extreme heat and cold & the sun’s uv rays;

Velcro and double stitched seams design keeps luggage durable, dry & secure

Large capacity - 15 /21 cubic feet;

Tearproof and waterproof design, no water come inside, keep cargo dry and clean;

Fits all cars with or without rack;

With protective mat to protect your vehicle’s roof finish from scratching;

Storage bag, anti-slip mat, 8 reinforced straps & 4 door hooks included.


Car Roof Bag

Step 1

Open your door and carefully pull back the weatherstripping seal.

Car Roof Bag

Step 2

With the seal pulled back, place one of the 4 included door hooks on the metal doorframe.

Car Roof Bag

Step 3

Applying gentle force, pop the weatherstripping seal back into place with your hand and close the door.

Car Roof Bag

Step 4

Apply the same procedure to the other doors. These hooks will safely anchor the rooftop cargo bag.

Key Features

Car Roof Bag

High Density 840D PVC

Made of high density 840 PVC fabric, rooftop cargo bag is waterproof with Triple-Seal technology for maximum protection in extreme weather.

Car Roof Bag

Upgraded Waterproof Zipper

Unlike normal non-waterproof zipper, we've upgraded it to a waterproof zipper and fitted it with a widened 4.7in zipper flap that helps keep your items dry.

Car Roof Bag

Reinforced Strap Seam

We notice that the straps of other cargo bags can easily rip from the seam, so we doubly reinforced the strap seam. No more rips.

Car Roof Bag

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Bettie Crona
Heavy duty polyurethane cover well made with zipper compartment

I won't be installing it on my vehicle until march next year, but examining the item: very heavy duty material, is waterproof, has heavy gauge zippers and very sticky velcro on each side to cover up the zipper too. Has red reflective all around. It is one big compartment inside should be able to store quite abit. It also has a lot of straps and clasps so it should be very secure. There is a piece of rubberized piece to place under the bag so it doesn't scuff and rub your vehicle roof. The instructions are easy to follow - it does require you to pull back your vehicle window silicone/rubber sealer so the straps can be fed though to the other side so I'm not sure I would want to do that too often. But knowing it would secure the compartment that way I wouldn't get too anxious that it has loosened and blown away during a trip. It does have that new pu smell to it but it is heavy gauge fabric. Very well made roof bag.

Gilbert Natukunda
Soft Cargo Bag, Larger Size

These soft bags are a good value because of the price. You get almost the storage capacity (or more in some cases) of the hard boxes for a fraction of the cost. I think of these items as "disposable" because although it is technically waterproof at first, a bit of wear and tear can reduce that protection. Still they are less than the comparable hard boxes and can be more easily stored.This one is easy to install and holds about 15 cubic feet. That is a good size for a few smaller suitcases. Good if you are limited on space as these can be easily folded down and stored.

Adele Bednar
Sturdy solution for your additional cargo needs

This is a nice alternative for your car cargo needs. This item includes instructions, a slip mat, interchangeable short/long straps and a storage bag when not in use. The cargo roof bag itself is very large and quite sturdy in addition to being waterproof. The materials feels like a heavy duty vinyl or rubber. The cargo bag itself comes shipped with the long straps and hooks attached and the shorter straps comes individually wrapped [pictures 2-3] and detached. Also visible in picture 2 is the storage bag [folded for photo ops convenience] yet is quite large. Since the cargo bag itself is approximately 15ft it is quite roomy, and easily attaches to the bars on top of most SUV. However, highly recommended prior to placement of your cargo bag you “must” place and position the slip mat prior to attachment to your auto. Since this cargo bag is fairly large I did have quite a bit of difficulty folding the cargo bag in such a way that it would adequately fit in the storage bag with the additional straps and slip mat. In addition, the bulkiness does not permit storage of the bag in my auto when not in use. Overall, this is simply a great solution for your auto travel storage needs. Good long term investment for you or for the road hogs, hikers and family long haul trips.

Liana Larkin

Great buy! Super easy to store, install, and fill! Will be using it a lot, hoping it holds up to the weather! It's built like it should.

Mohammed Hall
Too small for what I intended but still nice

 I can't blame this Nilight Car Roof Bag for being too small for my huge framed artist canvases, at 15 Cubic Feet. The 21 cubic feet one I also got is big enough. Yay.I honestly had no idea how big 15 cubic feet are 😂. But it's still a nice size for shorter less wide stuff.It's well made, it seems, at the seams! 🤣 It's made of Anti-Tear 840D PVC.And I've found in the past that Waterproof Rooftop Cargo Carriers are great for outdoor storage along with being Suitable for "All" Vehicles, with or Without Racks.I like that the straps come attached to this carrier. None of the others I have are like that, you have to attach the straps yourself for some reason. So this might be perfect for my daughter and family.It includes a Waterproof Zipper, Reflective Strip, and Anti-Slip Mat.Unlike most carriers I've seen, this one doesn't come with a carry case.

Sapna Prabhu
very sturdy

Highly recommend this product if you need to move things with your car and need some extra space.There is an extra mat that goes underneath the bag to assure that it doesn't move.I got the 15 cubic feet, and there is plenty of space in there.Happy with this product!

Binita Ganguly
Wife loves it

The wife loves the ability to carry luggage on top of her car now. Holds quite a bit of gear that you may not necessarily want inside the vehicle with you but at the same time you don’t want it getting wet either. Nice product.

Alf Lowe
Good size

I am pretty impressed on the size of this car roof bag. It zips up and down and the material is thick plastic. I like that it has reflective strips around it which make it easy to see at night. The installation instructions are easy to understand. I can’t review on the durability during a trip because I haven’t used it yet but as far as material, size and the look of it I would definitely recommend. I will update my review after I take it on a trip.

Arlo Lindgren
Large, well made of good materials

I have a Kia Soul, that means it is a small car. With that said, it actually has a lot of interior room, well until we load in the dog (beagle) and extremely overweight and old cat (stray). The cat demands that she have her large, wire carrier to ride in, the dog doesn’t care. However, that takes up almost all of the room in the back. That is where this roof bag comes in.The bag is very well made of vinyl and tight zippers. Over the zippers is a flap that is velcro’d down. The interior room is large, I would say the stated size of 15 cu ft is very close to the size. For me, this will fit inside my roof racks nicely and will attach to them. I will not be attaching these to the inside of my door panel, as suggested by the directions, as I have no intention of loosening up the door seals.There is a piece that is supposed to protect the bag from the car top, but my roof rack has a base and rails on all 4 sides, so I won’t be using the insert piece for that. For me, this product is well made, well designed and should meet my requirements. In about a month we are going on a 2,000 mile trip so I will update after we return from that.For now, I give this 4 stars, as I cannot say how well it will work out and last on a long trip. I will return to this review in 6 months or less to give an update. For now, it looks like a pretty good buy.Note: I have been an Amazon customer for almost 20 years. I write all of my reviews to reflect my personal observations and opinions on a product. It matters not if I have purchased the item myself or if it was provided to me for review. My goal is to provide other potential customers as much real-world knowledge as possible to make an informed decision. In most cases I will return to my review in 6 months or less to see if I should alter my original observations. In no case will the cost of a product influence my opinions at all. In addition, I will try to include multiple images and or videos on each product, if practical.

Kemi Agboola
Soft bag, not a clam shell

The two unique and best features about this roof top bag are 1: the anti-slip mat, and 2: the hooks that hook onto the roof under the door whether seal for cars that do not have a roof rack. The anti-slip mat is full size, and is similar to those products you see in hardware stores made for countertops or car dash boards to hold things in place.The vinyl seems heavy duty, the zippers and openings All seem weather tight, and the instructions are clear.I’m sure I can trust this for a safe cross country trip, as long as I follow the instructions to not put heavy or awkward things up on my roof, but reserve that space for lighter or soft things.

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