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Toyota LED Light Bar Push Button ON/Off Switch

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About this item

  • Push Button Switch: The ON-OFF rocker switch with SPST design (single pole single Throw) is manufactured to fit in the OEM switch blank for your cars. It comes with a small pigtail that plugs into the back of the switch for better installation.
  • Cool LED illumination: built-in two premium LEDs Emits soft light to illuminate the patterns on the switch, easy for you to find the switch in the dark.
  • Wide Application: The switch is perfect for controlling Led Light Bars, Led Work Lights, Fog Lamps, Headlights, Taillights, and Auxiliary Lamps, etc. The switch is rated for 3 amps, you would need a relay if your lights are rated higher.
  • Compatibility: Surface size 1.28" x 0.87", compatible with Toyota Sequoia 2008-ON, Highlander 2008-ON, Tacoma 2012-ON (Center only), Tundra 2008-ON, 4Runner 2010-ON, and RAV4 2008-2012, Yaris 2008. Please measure your present switches and compare the sizes.
  • Package Includes LED Light Bar Switch with connector wire kit and a wiring diagram.

Products Nilight LED Light BAR Push Button Switch


# Toyota Sequoia 2008-ON

# Toyota Highlander 2008-ON

# Toyota Tacoma 2012-ON (Center ONLY)

# Toyota Tundra 2008-ON

# Toyota 4Runner 2010-ON

# Toyota RAV4 2008-2012

# Toyota Yaris 2008

#It also works for other vehicles but you have to cut it out wherever you wanna place it on your car.

SPST design (Single Pole Single Throw); Built-in 2 LEDs, laser-etched pattern.

Surface size 1.28" x 0.87"(22 x 33mm)

Mainly used for controlling LED light bars, LED work lights, fog lamps, driving lights, taillights, off-road lights, light pods, etc.

Product Details

Switch with wiring kit

Easy Installation

This switch is simple to install, product comes with a wiring connector which makes it easy to connect by plugging it into the switch, not needing the slightest effort.

Solid Construction

Solid Construction

The switch is made out of heavy-duty ABS plastic. It fits most model Toyota's vehicles, such as Tacoma, FJ Cruiser, Fortune, and some others. It has short circuit protection to protect your vehicles, and ensure years of service. Safe and long-lasting.

Easy Wiring

Easy Wiring

The color-coded wire is easy for you to identify the function of each wire:

  • Green Wire: Connect to the battery + / ACC
  • Red wire (close to green wire): Connect to the relay
  • Black Wire: Connect to the ground
  • Red wire (close to black wire): Lower dash light +

Cool LED illumination

Cool LED illumination