How to install the car headlight assembly

How Much Does it Cost for a Headlight Assembly?

According to rough statistics from current major aftermarket auto parts players, and combined with statements from some offline customers, the average cost of most hardware replacement bulbs is about $15.00 to $30.00, while the cost of HID (high-intensity bulbs) bulbs is usually is $100 to $1,000, or even more on some vehicles. The average cost to replace the entire headlight assembly is typically around $150 to $800.

headlight casing

What is a Headlight Assembly?

First of all, let's talk about what the headlight assembly is Installed at both ends of the car head, used for lighting when the car is driving at night or on the dimly lit road, including the lamp shell, fog lights, turn signals, headlights, wiring and so on, the entire driving lighting system is called the headlight assembly. It also includes a clearance light for evening and night driving, to tell other motorists where they are, which plays a safety role at night driving. The headlight is mounted in the middle of the headlight assembly. Generally speaking, the car headlight is a bulb, which has low and high beam filaments inside, while the low beam and high beam is switched through the switch. At present, most headlight assemblies have been installed with automatic lighting controllers. The beam can be adjusted automatically during the meeting in order not to interfere with each other and to improve driving safety.

headlight housing

Open the engine hood, generally speaking, no need to remove the headlight assembly for the simple replacement of headlight bulbs. The mounting of headlight is slightly different for various cars, generally there will be a dust cover in the tail of the headlight, after unscrew, you can see the wire spring of the headlight, the headlight can be taken out with hard pinch. Here mainly introduces how to replace the headlight assembly.

1. Open the engine cover, observe the layout of the components on the back of the headlight, if there is no sufficient space, you’d better find a professional for replacement. Determine the headlight model of your car, and pay attention to the headlight identification model at the lower outer glass of the headlight.

headlight assembly replacement

2. Unscrew the headlight cover, noting that the method of removing the headlight cover will be slightly different due to different models.

headlight assembly housing

3. Pull out the lamp holder with the power cord, and pay attention to pressing the headlight with your hand to avoid damage.

aftermarket headlight replacement

4. Loosen the lamp holder to take out the headlight, and then reinstall the new bulb. The process of reinstalling is in reverse order, which will not be described here. The dust cover must be screwed well when reinstalled, so as to protect the headlight from rain and dust.

headlight replacement assy

Car headlights can be replaced by your own, but the premise is to remember that you’d better take protective measures to prevent the hand from touching the headlight bulb, which will affect the lifespan of the car headlight bulb. It is not recommended to replace the car headlights, if the installation is not good, it is very easy to cause the headlights to fall off. If you replace the headlights of some vehicles, you need to change the wiring of the vehicle, so it’s best to go to a professional repair shop or 4s shop to make changes. At present, the domestic modification market and even the products sold in the auto parts market can be described as passing off fish eyes as pearls, the phenomenon of fake goods is very common, especially the modification of headlights-- quite popular modification upgrade project, do not blindly consume, before the modification, you must weigh the advantages and disadvantages, as far as possible to maintain your own rights and interests.

headlight assembly case

Conclusion: Now many owners like to modify their car lights, especially the car headlights modification, after modification, it looks much more cooler, but also more comfortable to use. However, it should be noted that the modification of led headlights for cars is not random modification, especially when it comes to driving safety, be sure to be careful. As the eyes of the car, the modified headlights will not only affect yourselves, but may also affect the driving of other cars. Therefore, the modification has to be careful, and safety is the key rule.

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