Nilight's ultra-bright, single-row led light bar (also name slim led light bar) are the most popular lighting system choice for off-road and non-OFF-road vehicles.Although the single-row work lights have only a row of LED lamp bead, they have absolute brightness, which could turn the dark night road into day time road. With the brightest and strongest design, Nilight can sell over 300,000 units per year in this series and is the absolute monster in the market. Order today and you'll get a two-year warranty and 30 days worry-free return and exchange service.

Our popular slim led light bar sizes are 7 inch led light bar, 11 inch led light bar, 21 inch led light bar, 31 inch led light bar, 41 inch led light bar and 51 inch led light bar.

Each light bar will be easy installed with suitable mount bracket, rocker switch and wire harness. The best placement for those mini light bar can be the windshield, grille, license plate.

The owner of jeep, Ram, Ford, UTV, ATV, Golf cart will love nilight led light bar much.