How many watts of good LED light bars are suitable for car use

Light bars have gained more attention in the past five years. They are aftermarket parts used in trucks and cars, but things have changed.

We see the hype around the light bars used in modified vehicles. They're either attached to the grill or the hood.

The brightest LED bars are perfect for night driving and perfect for off-road riders.

However, you must understand that the type of lights you choose depends entirely on how you are driving. These light bars come in different types, shapes, sizes, lumens, and watts.

wattage for light bar

But if you are interested in purchasing these light bars, you should know how to find the right light bar for you.

So talking about light bars and the types you have to choose brings us to an important topic, Watt. How many watts should the light bar have? LED light bars need to consider a few different things.

The basic 22-inch light bar must have at least 120 watts of power. However, 240 watts may be best for many situations. You are free to choose up to 800 watts or more if you wish.

What type of light bar do you prefer?

They come in different lengths, ranging from 4 to 50 inches. When bars are longer, you have to pay more because they have more light bulbs.

There will be some exceptions, and some bulbs may do very well.

There are different shapes that you might find curves and basic shapes. The shapes are thought to have aesthetic purposes.

led light bar different sizes

The shape didn't have much effect on the brightness level of the light. So the main factor in choosing the light bar is the beam pattern.

Here are 3 options available on the market:

1. Flood - The best option for road riding.

2. Spot- Ideal for off-road riding.

3. Combination - This is a combination of floodlight and spot options.

Spot VS Flood VS Combo:

While the combination option is reasonable, it is a versatile option. Spot VS Flood VS Combo: What's the difference?

What is the ideal wattage required?

Having enough watts is crucial, but so is making sure your battery can support it.

If you drive with the lights on, you should make sure the battery doesn't run out. Or you should keep track of how long it takes the alternator to charge.

Watt is used to measuring the power of the light bar. Lumens are used to check brightness.

wattage light bar B

Therefore, you should understand the importance of watts when choosing the right light bar for you. For off-road and other purposes, you should have 120 watts and no less.

Conversely, road trips require lower wattage, or they may interfere with oncoming traffic. There is also the risk of accidents.

Hence, if you're looking for a higher visibility light bar, this 240-watt light bar might fit your requirement. It will provide enough lumens to see you through the darkness.

Or, if you plan to go on an adventure, this light bar with more than 800 watts of power and 780,000 lumens may be the right choice.

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