Auxiliary lighting these days isn't just limited to things like fog lights on the front bumper or windshield hinges. You can, of course, put those products on your vehicle, but many Jeep owners who head off road also employ high quality LED Light bars. And the reason is simple. Much better visibility, simple installation and easy on the wallet.

LED Light Bar solutions can run from tiny 4-inch strips which work well on the front bumper or hood, up through massive 50 to 60-inch bars that normally mount on top of your Jeep's windshield frame. And with powerful LED technology, you can be sure to have the visibility you need to take on any off-road event no matter what time of day, or weather condition, all without a sizable power drain on the vehicle. Plus, with available wiring harnesses, most bars can wire through the Jeep's firewall to a dash mounted switch for easy, one touch control.

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