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Nilight 100 Pcs Quick Splice Solderless Wire & T-Tap Electrical Connectors 22-18 18-14 12-10 AWG T Tap Insulated Terminal Assortment Kit, 2 Years Warranty




UPC: 767912577395  

Key Features:

Easy identification: color-coded makes it easy to identify the right size of the connector for every application.
Self-stripping electrical tap connectors - Nilight self stripping electrical T Tap connectors makes tapping into an existing wire a quick and easy job
Versatile kit - 80 piece t-tap wire connectors + 20 piece Male quick Disconnects will last for numerous wiring projects. Marine, automotive, scientific, home wiring projects - you name it
Thick Tinned copper contacts - thicker Tinned copper contacts provide maximum conductivity and prevents the wire from shorting out efficiently
Quality t-tap connector housing - Quick splice t-tap connectors will securely lock on the wire. Plastic housing will not open after it has been snapped on the wire


Nilight high quality quick splice terminals connector kit
Material: PP + brass
quick splice terminals connector
red:30pcs a.W.G: 22-18 wire range: 0.5-1.0mm²
blue:30pcs a.W.G: 18-14 wire range: 0.75-2.5mm²
yellow:20pcs a.W.G: 12-10 wire range: 4-6mm² T-TAP connector
blue:10pcs a.W.G: 18-14 wire range: 0.75-2.5Mm²male spade connectors
blue:10pcs a.W.G: 18-14