35" 32 Leds Traffic Advisor Strobe Red White Light Bar Sale

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35" 32 Leds Traffic Advisor Strobe Red White Light Bar


California Residents: Prop65 Warning

Customer Reviews

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Ken Thomas
Probably the worst suction cups I’ve ever seen

Suction cups don’t work on the back window of my truck it comes right off I’ve tried literally everything there’s no stickiness to it at all. Would recommend that you get different suction cups that work from a different source

Jerome Prohaska
Lights work great, suction cups..Suck (but not in a good way)

These lights have worked great so far. Plenty of visibility and multiple flash patterns. Build quality seems to leave a little to be desired but for the price, they’re just fine.I ordered 2 of these and 2 smaller sets from the same company. Out of the 8 provided mechanical suction cups, only 2 had enough suction to stick to the glass. They arrived warped so it’s no wonder they won’t stick but even the ones that have relatively flat cups don’t hold. Disappointing to say the least, in the future I’ll definitely shop around more for a different brand based solely on this factor alone. What good do lights do if they can’t be mounted with the provided hardware? I’d gladly have given 5 stars in all categories had it not been for these substandard suction cups.

Abbigail Schaden
Great but no mountable

The light bar seems to be high quality. Brightness is good. The suction cups that come with this are basically useless. Neither one of them will stay attached to back window. Tried multiple times. Longest I’ve seen it hold is about 1-2mins before falling off. Going to need to figure out a different way to mount this bar…..

Ivory Morissette

Suction cups do not work at all. Cleaned surface and cups and they do not stick at all.

Kristopher Wolf

Easy to use, will last a good time

Josefa Considine

as all other reviews stated suction cups suck mounte it with the brackets and screws

Julian Ferry

The suction cups don’t have much power and the nuts on the brackets rattle off

Vusi Swart
Great product just buy it

Ok so this product comes exactly how it says. Came with 2 brackets and 2 suction cups with all the bolts, washers you need. PROS: the suction power of the cups are incredibly strong. I was worried with heat and bumps they would fall off. Nope they didn’t, even when I tried removing them they were tough lol. The brightness is pretty good. I can’t compare it to any other light but in a very bright sunny day they were very noticeable from a block away. I didn’t test further than that but I’m sure you would still be noticeable. At night of course they were very bright so that’s a no brainer. They were mounted inside my truck through tint. They were very simple to install if you know how to assemble things in general It took me seconds on how to attach the suction cups. CONS: The instructions that come with it just instruct how to connect it to your cigarette 12v portand switch modes. Useful but if you want to know how to assemble the suction cups then your out of luck. To me it wasn’t a problem at all I don’t know about you. This wasn’t a con to me but I’ll still describe it. The suction cups come with knobs that you use to rotate them up/down side to side. The suction cups wouldn’t loosen but the knobs would causing my light to flip 180 degrees. It’s like any moving part with vibration it’ll loosen. It wouldn’t happen all the time just once in awhile. It didn’t bother me at all. I wouldn’t use the light constantly so whenever I would park I would just tighten the knobs and that was it. You don’t want that happening? Just mount your light directly instead of using the suction cups easy fix to it. I watched this product for like a month deciding to get it or not. I was thinking would it be worth it at this price etc. Don’t second guess yourself just buy it lol. It is worth it’s price. I was not going to buy a expensive model so this one is perfect. Just double check your laws regarding lighting. Of course if you’re using it in private property then you can use whatever. I bought the amber/white but plan on getting all amber cause of my state laws.

Bobby Nankunda
Great product

Great product and super bright

Gilbert Mukalazi
Nice light bar

We like. The brightness & selectable pattern