6.5 Inch 30W 3250LM Spot LED Light Bars (Pair) | 16AWG DT Wire

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About this item

Trusted Long-lasting Brightness: Employ top-notch P8/5W Osram led chips, total 30 watts per light, with lighting performance 3250LM/PC, 322Meters@1LUX, 10Meters@1042LUX. Features a trusted, amazing, and long-lasting brightness without performance failure

10°Super Spotlight: Specially designed optical lens and refractive cup, achieves a super focused 10°high intensity light beam, shoots a further distance at 1056.4 Feet

Straight Forward Wiring Hook-up: Comes with 16AWG DT connector wiring kit that includes switch relay and fuse all in one set. Just directly hardwired the color-coded wires on the wiring kit and lights, and then connect the power cord to the power source

EMI/RFI Protection: Light pods are built-in EMC that meets EN55015 CE standards, limiting the generation of EMI/RFI interference. Provides better protection for both internal electronic components in lighting and also external objects like radio receiver

Premium Durability: IP68 waterproof rated, solid built to withstand harsh environments and weather elements. All in aluminum profile and thick heat shrink shell, efficiently accelerate heat dissipation and maintain a safe temperature to ensure stable lighting output as well as lighting durability. Extend lifespan over 50,000H. 5 Years Warranty Honored by Nilight

6.5 Inch 30W 3250LM Spot LED Light Bars


LED Chips Osram led chips
LED Power 30W/PC
Raw Lumen 3250LM/PC
Effective Lumen 2903LM/PC
Lighting Performance 322Meter@1LUX, 10Meter@1042LUX
Beam Type Spot Combo
Beam Angle 10°spot
Waterproof IP68
Operating Voltage 9-30V DC (fits 12V, 24V vehicles)
Color temperature 6000K Pure White
Operating temperature -20℃~+45℃
Lifespan 50,000 Hours
Material ADC12 Aluminum housing, Aluminum substrate circuit board, SEOUL led chips, PC lens
Package Included 2PC 6.5 Inch 30W 3250LM Spot LED Light Bars; 1PC 16AWG DT Wire; 1 Pack of Mounting Bracket & Hardware

Key Feature

led bumper light, tractor lights led work lights for mower ditch lights

Top LED chips

Use top Osram-led chips that feature a trusted brightness and a long-lasting lighting performance

Square LED Flood Lights Square LED work Light led Spot light pod

IP68 Waterproof

IP68 water resistant to withstand any harsh environments and weather conditions

Square LED Flood Lights Square LED work Light led Spot light pod

Efficient Cooling

Built-in quality 6063 and ADC12 aluminum housing and heat shrink shell, speed up heat dissipation and maintain a safe temperature for stability & durability

Motorcyle Led Auxiliary Driving Lights motorcycle spot light LED fog light

Built-in EMC

Lights are built-in EMC for EMI/RFI protection, resolve the issue of radio interference and flickering

6.5 Inch 30W 3250LM Spot LED Light Bars6.5 Inch 30W 3250LM Spot LED Light Bars

6.5 Inch 30W 3250LM Spot LED Light Bars

Widely Application

Square LED Flood Lights Square LED work Light led Spot light pod

Working lights

It is suitable for Trailer, Forklift, Excavator, Dozer, Road Roller, Crane, Tractor, Harvester, Grain Drill, Mower, ect

Square LED Flood Lights Square LED work Light led Spot light pod

Bumper lights

The Led light can be widely applied to Jeeps, 4x4, ATV, UTV, SUV, Truck, Cars Motorcycles, Pick-up, Van, Camper as bumper lights

Square LED Flood Lights Square LED work Light led Spot light pod

Offroad lights

The Led light can be widely applied to Jeeps, 4x4, ATV, UTV, SUV, Truck, Cars Motorcycles, Pick-up, Van, Camper

led bumper light, tractor lights led work lights for mower ditch lights

Boat lights

Can be widely used as auxiliary lights such as led driving light, led fog light, offroad lights for motorcycle bicycle dirt bike

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Yia Vang
Brightest lights ever

I recently purchase a set of small fog lights and they are very bright and clear. I'm very happy with the product.

Big Dave
Really lights up the night

I ordered this to replace the old round headlights on my old tractor and now I'm mad at myself for not thinking of this sooner. They REALLY light up the field allowing me to see everything in front of me for at least 50 yards. They were very easy to install and the wiring harness is very durable & should last me several years.

Amazon Customer
Great wiring harness

These lights are listed at 30w each. The harness is ready to go with connectors so you can just plug everything together. It even has a relay installed already so you just need to connect to your battery.There are red gaskets around the lights. That is just for design, not for color. These are white light. Mounting them is standard and the beam pattern is just what you would expect from something this size. The light is a bright white, not off yellow or amber like. So these will work well in most settings.They seem to run cool so no worries of getting too hot running them in long periods. With the harness being ready to go out of the box, install is quick.

Nice alternative to a short light bar:

These lights come with everything you need to install them on your vehicle. Wiring has the switch, relay, fuse (and 3 spares, they're the older wide ones), weather-proof connectors, and a good amount of cable. Although great on a Jeep Wrangler, and the wiring seems made for it too, these could be plug and play for any vehicle.Their packaging was excellent, with instructions and contact info for help. The included wrench (which I typically don't use) has the right length to reach without bumping into edges (not sure if by accident or by design). You can connect these to a switch box just the same, but out of the box they're ready to mount and use.For mounting points made for a 12" light bar, this could be a better option as these can be aimed individually. They naturally point down with the curved reflectors and would work great on bumpers or windshield (A) pillar mounts.

Extremely bright pods. Excellent quality wiring kit as well.

VERY happy with the quality of these little lights. Value for the money is ridiculous. Lights are extremely well made and must be true to the listed wattage, as they're substantially brighter than generics I replaced them with that were claiming 60w. The side-mounted LEDs make for a very clean beam cutoff. You're able to put the light exactly where you want it without blinding traffic.Harness is equally impressive. Deutsch connectors and a prewired relay make installation a breeze.Really is everything you need for a clean install in one box, for a great price. I'll keep coming back to Nilight if they keep pumping out high-quality kits like this.

More headlight than spotlight........

Not a bad little set of lights for the size and price point. They are bright, but definately not really spot light bright. They have more of a vehicle headlight spread. Good lights in general, actually white hue instead of the warm white type, and easy to install. I will say if you are definately out for a good actual spotlight, you might do some more research on others before making a decision. But if you just need some decent all general purpose lights they are definately a good option on a budget.

Complete kit

First off this is a complete kit. A fused relaycontrolled wiring harness is included. I'mnot very fond of the switch they chose touse so that will likely get changed to matchthe rest in the cab.The brightness, temperature and color is very good.I thought with the shape that they be moreof a flood but they do have a focus point. At the time of review the price was $59.99for the full kit. Fairly good value for whatyou get.

Affordable, bright, easy to install/use, versatile

These pods work really well and are easy to install. I have had several sets of pods from Nilight and they have all been great quality. They are surprisingly bright to be so small. The light bars could be used for so many different things from a truck to an ATV, or even yard equipment. They come with a wiring harness which is ideal. There is plenty of length for mounting along with an easy to use switch to turn them on and off. Overall, these are great quality, bright, and very easy to install/use. Would recommend.

Steve W
Lights the night

I got these for use on the ROP of a sub-compact tractor and they're great for that. More than enough light to see ahead. Tractors don't go so fast and I won't be over running these lights so if your application is a road vehicle, your mileage may vary so-to-speak.The lights are relatively thin which is good for my application. They are about as tall as the thickness of the ROP so the lights fit in front of the ROP without extending past. That's good because I sometimes venture into the woods and I don't want to rip the lights off. It's also good the lights are thin because there's not a lot of headroom between my head the ROP (Kubota BX2200).The amount of light for watts used (60W total) is good and watts are important for the little dynamo of the BX2200. The original headlights consume ~52Ws and still the night was dark. And with the addition of a front end loader (FEL) blocking the headlights, the originals became practically worthless.Sitting up high on the ROP these lights project over the FEL unless the bucket is raised high. That won't be the a problem in my case – having the FEL up high at night, but if it was, I'd then could use the poorly illuminating original headlights.The provided wiring kit is nice however I will be modifying it. I've got it cobbled together with the tractor for now but intend to wire it to a switched 12V plug the factory provided at the rear of the tractor. As it's installed now, I put an extension on the wiring kit's battery connectors to reach the tractor's battery up front, which is of course, not switched.

This is how they all should be made

These lights are bright and a small form factor. I picked these up for my SxS project to add additional accessory lighting. These lights throw a good beam of light with balance of spot and distance. As with all Nilight products, they are of very nice quality and material.The lights are sturdy and of a heavy steel material with the lens being very clear. They do get warm but not hot. It comes with all the necessary wiring, relay and switch needed to run these lights if needed. They use the same connector as other Nilight products so if you are upgrading previous products with these lights then they are plug and play.

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