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Nilight Ditch Light Brackets Hood Mount Brackets for Auxiliary Offroad LED Pod Light Work Light on 2nd Gen Toyota Tacoma 2005-2015, 2 Years Warranty




Product type: Mounting Accessory

Vendor: Nilight



UPC: 727196414403

  • Main Purpose: Specially designed for 2005-2015 2nd Gen Toyota Tacoma, provides a convenient way to mount aftermarket lights at windshield base for better side way visibility on your night ride

  • Perfect Fitment: Work perfectly with small pod lights work lights within 2” to 5” and sit at exact position, remaining sufficient clearance for hood to fully open without blocking windshield wiper

  • Durable Coating: Made of quality powder coating, no fading or chipped paints, anti-rust

  • Sturdy built with thick metal, ensures it a stable mount without vibration while driving

  • Simple Installation: Just firstly remove hood hinge mount bolts, line up ditch light bracket to the mounting holes, and then bolt on and tighten up.

  • (Note: Remove and bolt back on each hood hinge bolt one by one instead of entirely remove both bolts at a time to prevent hood become misaligned and add on extra work)