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Nilight TL-32 2 Pcs 3.9-Inch 3 LED Truck Trailer Red Light Front Rear LED Side Marker Lights Clearance Indicator Lamp Rock Light Waterproof Sealed Surface Mounted




UPC: 751433166756

  • featured functions: used as led marker light at front rear side roof top or led clearance light indicator light on any 12v pickups truck trailers suv rv van caravan camper boat lorry bus etc.

  • upgraded leds: use 3 quality piranha led, featuring better heat dissipation, wider lighting angel, higher light intensity, and longer lifetime, make the light super durable and outputs excellent red light.

  • awesome reflector design: the marker light employs a micro-reflex faceted reflector design, increasing the light output and adding on an exquisite appearance.

  • highly sealed: lens and housing are sonically welded as a whole unit, inside leds are also surface-sealed. be ready for all weather abuse.

  • simple installation: black wire for ground, red wire for positive. just fix the black base with the 2 flat head screws provided, and then snap the light into the base. to run through the back wire lead, you can either drill a center hole, or use some washers when fixing the base, so you can get space to run the wire lead without drilling center hole.

Nilight 3.9" LED Side Marker LED Clearance Light

led side marker light, rear marker light, led marker light

Improve Your Vehicle's Functionality

Nilight 2PCS 3.9" 3 LED Side Marker Clearance Light is a multi-function light that can work perfectly as front rear roof top led marker lights, side lamp, led clearance light, led identification light, trailer lights etc.

  • Working Voltage: 12V DC
  • LED Type: 3PCS Piranha LED for each light
  • Light Color: red
  • Back Wire Lead length: 9”