These bright and durable Nilight curved led light bar are designed to fit better on top of the car. The shape of curved surface can increase the width and area of the irradiation. At the same time, appearance design is more popular among off-road enthusiasts.

In the first generation of product design, we tested more than 500 experiments, all of which were designed to accommodate the curved design and increase the illumination width by 20% without losing brightness. For the convenient installation, we provide a set design, including wiring harness, switch and heat shrink tube accessories.

In addition, the lighting provides spot, flood light and combo options, such a 32 inch led work light, will bring you more diverse lighting design.

Each light bar will be easy installed with suitable mount bracket, rocker switch and wire harness. The best placement for those mini light bar can be the windshield, grille, license plate.

The owner of jeep, Ram, Ford, UTV, ATV, Golf cart will love nilight led light bar much.