4 Inch 26W 2830LM Side Shooter DRL Spot Flood LED Pods (Pair) | 16AWG DT Wire

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About this item

Side Shooter Design: Designed with dual side lights to work together with the front spot light. Perfectly combines spot and flood light beam, shoots out a 150° wider and 761FT further light coverage to clear darkness and potential hazard, increasing your driving safety. Works great as fog lights, side lights, ditch lights, driving lights, auxiliary lights etc

Trusted Brightness: Employ top-notch Osram led chips, a total of 26 watts per light, with lighting performance 2830LM/PC, 540Lux@10Meters, 1Lux@232Meters (761FT). Features a trusted brighter long-lasting light, and a clearer, wider, and further visual area. Lifespan extends over 50,000H

Dual Light Modes, Day/Night Protection: Side shooter light, and front spotlight together are the main lighting mode to provide a clearer wider, and further visibility for your nighttime driving. While white DRL at the front medium is a daytime lighting mode to add extra safety by capturing other drivers' notices of your presence on the road. Combining two modes, it’s the perfect light to ensure your safety throughout the whole day

Optimal Waterproof: Designed in premium flat seal structure, perfect compact to enhance and ensure watertight capability. PC lens for the front light and dual sidelight is in an all-in-one design, worry-free of water leaks. Trusted IP67 waterproof rated, withstand any harsh environments and weather elements. Promised you 5 years warranty

EMI/RFI Protection: Light pods are built-in EMC that meets EN55015 CE standards, limiting the generation of EMI/RFI interference. Provides better protection for both internal electronic components in lighting and also external objects like a radio receiver

Straight Forward Wiring Hook-up: Comes with a 16AWG dual control wiring kit that includes a switch relay and fuses all in one set. Just directly hardwire the color-coded wires on the wiring kit and lights, and then connect the power cord to the power source

Side Shooter LED Light Pods, DRL led driving lights, side lights


LED Chips  Osram P8, 2835 led chips
LED Power  26W/PC
Raw Lumen  2830LM/PC
Effective Lumen  2350LM/PC
Lighting Performance  540Lux@10Meters, 1Lux@232Meters(761FT)
Amperage Draw  Main light: 1.93A/12V, 0.93/24V
Beam Type  Spot flood light+DRL 
Operating Voltage  9-30V DC
Color temperature  5700-6000K
Operating temperature  -40~85.0 ℃
Material  6063 Aluminum housing, aluminum substrate circuit  board, Osram led chips, PC lens
Item Weight  ‎3.5 Pounds

Key Features

Side Shooter LED Light Pods DRL led driving lights fog lights auxiliary lights offroad led cubes

Top Osram LED chips

Use top Osram-led chips that feature a trusted brightness and a long-lasting lighting performance

Side Shooter LED Light Pods DRL led driving lights fog lights auxiliary lights offroad led cubes

Built-in EMC

Lights are built-in EMC for EMI/RFI protection, limit the generation of EMI/RFI interference, and resolve the issues of radio interference and flickering

Side Shooter LED Light Pods DRL led driving lights fog lights auxiliary lights offroad led cubes

Excellent Light Effect

Dual side shooter light and front spot light combine together for an excellent light effect: 150° wider and 761 FT further distance.

Side Shooter LED Light Pods DRL led driving lights fog lights auxiliary lights offroad led cubes


Works great as fog lights, side lights, ditch lights, driving lights, auxiliary lights, and DRL lights.

nilight side shooter led light pods

Excellent Lighting Performance

Side Shooter LED Light Pods DRL led driving lights fog lights auxiliary lights offroad led cubes

Side Shooter LED Light Pods DRL led driving lights fog lights auxiliary lights offroad led cubes

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Thomas Ciaccio

Excellent product

Orin Lowe
Nice bright LED spot lights

These are nice and bright clean LED lights. The bracket fit well and are well made. I like the light pattern output. I did have to add some more wires to be able to place the lights and wiring how I wanted them. It was easy to solder and put heat shrink on the existing wires.

Efe Olubukola
Awesome spot lights!

These lights are easy to mount and wire, have an incredible brightness, and a very good beam pattern. I was able to mount these on a humvee and they do a great job of flooding the trail with the extra light needed. What surprised me was the neat DRL feature that is actually quite bright itself. It leaves a nice glow that is pleasant to see while approaching the vehicle.

Ayebatari Olawale
Extremely well made light, but not what I was hoping for, for my usage

With these "side shooter" I was expecting a lamp that mounted on outside of A-pillar on my wrangler as a ditch light that the "side shooting" would mean helpful lighting of foreword and sideward side of vehicle to look at trail conditions and obstacles on side in slow driving off-road. Ie I mistakenly thought the 150 degrees of light this boasts forward and right side on the right light, and foreword and left side on the left side light. This 150 degrees is actually centered with significant light coming out of both sides, and if you A-pillar mount this you will actually have direct light coming into your left eye from the right light, and a massive amount of splash and glare off of the hood. On top of that this is mainly a spot, not so much flood.In short off you are thinking this mounted on pillar or cowl and illuminating area where your front wheels are going to go, forget it.That is no condemnation of the product. Looking more carefully at listing info, I think I read it optimistically and hoped my way into wrong expectations. This light does what they actually advertised it does and does it well. It is extremely well made, has top quality parts and did not cause EMI (electro magnetic interference) problems showing up on my sound system UHF/VHF radios other lighting.I was thinking about adding an opaque insert to one side, but I may try special heat resistant glass paint on the sides facing the hood. It is only about 10% of the area of the glass so I don't think I am going to raise heat much.

Adell Schulist
Prewired for lights to be 40” apart or less.

I installed these as pillar/ditch lights on a 2013 Chevy Tahoe. I discovered that the kit is really pre wired to run a longer distance from the battery, then for the lights to be placed probably 40” apart or less. I just lengthened the wires I need to. Really not a big deal. I am impressed by the pre wired harness. Really solid. Soldiered/shrink wrapped connections. Button feels cheap, but I’ll probably end up wiring a few things to nicer buttons in the future. Brightness is amazing. It goes far into your peripheral with the light design. Nice strong design with a solid bracket that just takes one hole and one bolt to attach to vehicle.

Alade Maryam
Wish they were higher powered!

I replaced a set of Lightfox brand lights which were smaller, but not as good of a beam pattern. The overall housing seems well constructed, no issues w/ water or condensation so far. Real easy to install, however the bolts to attach to your tab/bracket are maybe too long. I painted the brackets black to make them more discreet. I added a DT style connector so it's easy to swap lights down the road if needed. The beam pattern is pretty hot w/ a spot in the middle. I wish it was more powerful/brighter, instead of having to get into a larger housing. I did not use the harness or switch. Wired the red+yellow to the power+ side so the light and the DRL beam are on together.

Mario Venter
Great value, but the split in the harness is a bit too short

Installed on a '22 Jeep Gladiator. The quality of these lights is great - even if these were way more money. The switch that it comes with is useful, albeit a bit awkward to try to mount. However, the harness that it comes with is very well built. My only complaint is that the distance between the two legs that go to each light is not long enough - at least for my use where I have my pods mounted and how far back from the engine bay that run ends up begin. This may not be a problem for something like a Tacoma. I ended up cutting up the harness and adjusting all of the lengths myself. That said, there is a significant amount of wire on this harness, so if you need to do the same you have plenty to work with - provided you aren't trying to mount these on the back of your rig.Plenty of spread, a good hot spot without being overly washed out, and the heat sink does a great job of dispensing the heat. Cannot recommend this set enough for quality ditch lights!

Marty King
Wow, very bright

Wow, these are nice. I currently have four lights on my truck. Two spots and two floods. This is not ideal but floods did not go far enough and spots did not give me a good close in spread. This light does both. I tested one of the two that come in the box. It is hard to imagine that I will need both lights. These are bright and do both the flood and spots job. They come with the wiring harness and mounting hardware. The only down side I saw was the cord for the switch is not very long. It needs to come through the fire wall and then get mounted so longer would be better. Also, the connector on the end is pretty large. You will need a big hole in the firewall to fit this through. I will splice in some 22/4 wire to add length and so I can run just the wire through the firewall then connect the connector. I am not sure why they added a DRL to this light. It is not very bright and I would not use them since the truck has a DRL. These lights are pricey, but boy, they are bright and I think well worth it.

Evie Price
great kit

Got it for my truck. Easy to install and has great option on the switch for bright spot light or dim flood. Awesome kit. The spot light is very bright compare to other brands I had before.

Zita Kayemba

I like them alot.

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