My light bar has completely or partially stopped working

There may be a variety of reasons why your lights stop working correctly. Disassembling your light is not recommended or encouraged at any stage of troubleshooting your light, as this will void any warranty on the item.

nilight led light bar

If the lights stop working completely

Determine that the lights are defect-free by connecting them directly to a 12VDC power supply. Unplug the lights from the harness and connect them to the vehicle's battery or a power source with a similar voltage. If the light is on as expected, the fault lies in the wiring. Go to the next step.

Ensure the switch is still powered on (it will light up once switched to the on position).

Check for loose connections through the harness to ensure nothing loosened over time.

Check that the grounding is still strong and properly installed

If the led light bar is not lit through the direct power supply, the problem is with your light. Head to our warranty form to begin the process.

If the light partially works

The video above shows how the LED's intermittency group will be deactivated if there is an insufficient power supply.

light bar test

Possible reasons for low power input

Poor grounding is usually the number one reason for some lighting. The best way to check for a problem with the grounding is to move it from the chassis ground to the negative battery terminal. Remember that poor grounding cannot be identified by checking the voltage at the connector. It is possible to have 14v+ at the light connection and still need better grounding, resulting in insufficient input power.

Check the voltage of your vehicle's battery: usually, this can be caused by low voltage. Falling below the light's requirements will dim the brightness of the light, or you will see alternate patterns of LEDs. This can sometimes be solved by charging or replacing the battery. Carefully check that all wires are correctly connected to ensure that there are no weak points in the wiring.

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